Sarah Michael

Former CEO of a SaaS company offering tools to lobbyists, she's a former college diver with a dangerous love for learning.

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Sarah is a later co-founder of Curian, a pioneer in botanical hardware and software extraction technology.  As COO at Curian, Sarah deploys resources to maximum productive use in this emerging Benefit Corp.  From the hardware design and engineering products company perspective, she focuses on operations management and is responsible for the development, design, operation and improvement of Curian systems that deliver the company’s products.  She is responsible for customer fulfillment and works closely with alpha and beta botanical extraction market leaders in CA, OR, and CO.  Sarah is a skillful planner, expert tactician and is in charge of organizational structure and incentive systems.  She helps plan organizational growth, Knowledge-Skills-Attributes (KSA), and drives performance measures for the CEO.  She also co-leads strategic partnerships on technology, manufacturing and supply chain with Curian’s CTO.  Since the Curian-360 product is a “complex coordination” subscription service and not a “hardware” company, the company-building process requires deep collaboration with multiple partners across hardware, software, IoT, artificial intelligence, and process engineering.  

Sarah joined Curian after a successful career as a senior executive in SaaS, building subscriber communities that deliver profound value and difficult-to-replicate network effects.  At LobbyTools, she tripled company revenue, vastly increased gross margins and sustained an industry-leading 95%+ subscriber renewal rate, solidifying the government news and information source as the dominant market player in Florida (the 3rd most populous state and a political bellwether for the nation).  As a “servant leader”, Sarah was first President and then COO at LobbyTools before ultimately becoming its CEO—in a career that spanned 14 years.  

She is an experienced angel investor who led due diligence teams to evaluate and recommend “launch-stage” companies for investment to the Bend, Oregon-based Cascade Angels Venture Fund (CAVF).  CAVF invested $4.0MM into 27 companies and organized around an Oregon-centric “sustainable economy” thesis.  She is a student of angel investing and entrepreneurship with Jason Calacanis’s LAUNCH Accelerator, public angel syndicate and Founder’s University.  

Sarah has special expertise catalyzing lean teams to deliver great products—and in a supportive, respectful and empowering workplace.  She participated in a year-long coaching and counseling training program in Treasure Island near San Francisco that taught “soft skills” like creating the career you love, welcoming deep personal growth, and finding one’s community.  She’s also an accomplished athlete, driven competitor and spent 16 years competing on the state and national levels in Springboard and Platform Diving.   Sarah has a B.S. in Business Communications and an M.S. in Interactive and New Communications Technologies from Florida State University.  

Based in the Santa Rosa area (“the Palo Alto of extraction tech”), she’s 42 and supports Women In Blockchain and The Nature Conservancy.  Sarah’s a voracious reader, podcast listener and her main interests include blockchain/crypto and health and healing.

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