Luke Pustejovsky

Economics of extraction geek and inventor of the Curian-360 monthly subscription concept. He loves you.

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Luke is an original co-founder of Curian, a pioneer in botanical hardware and software extraction technology.  As the Chief Energy Optimizer (CEO), his main role is to select extraordinary people (“Curians”) and resource them against an urgent mission of healing and awareness.  Curians are motivated by three things:  learning, autonomy and purpose.  Luke focuses on the Curian-360 product vision; equity and 3rd party debt fundraising; financial modeling and budgeting; talent recruiting and incentives; beta subscription account growth and corporate development.  

He is the primary inventor of the Curian-360 monthly subscription business model, a customer-centric approach to CBD concentrates manufacturing.  Curian-360 is an exercise in ‘complex coordination’ and is becoming known for updatability, continuous improvement and innovation in IoT and data analytics.  Prior to Curian, Luke was the COO of a Santa Rosa-based maker of an ethanol-based centrifuge “hardware-only” equipment manufacturer.  He helped position that company to become the fastest-growing private sector player in 2017 and 2018, with revenue growth from <$200,000 to $14.0MM.  Curian is associated with interdisciplinary lab excellence and a “whole solution” (not only hardware), and is named after Marie Curie, the Nobel Prize Winner in both Chemistry and Physics.  Luke has done pioneering research into the economics of extraction technology.  

Luke believes in social equality and Curian aims to correct against imbalance--including against economic and political structures that reward discrimination, greed and environmental theft. Prior to becoming a student of botanical extraction, distillation and formulation, he focused on “cleantech” ventures as a business development executive at at View, Calera, and CalStarProducts.  He was interim CEO for an electrochromic film startup and an Advisor to Booxby, an AI/ML platform for the publishing industry.  He also consulted to 25+ greentech companies on new market entry, global partner development and fundraising strategies.  

Luke worked as an Analyst at Saturn Capital and as an Associate at Echelon Ventures, both VC firms in Boston.  He has been a mentor for the last 5 years for Stanford’s CEE-246 “Entrepreneurship in Civil and Environmental Engineering” course, a class that teaches entrepreneurship skills to Ph.D. and Master’s-level scientists and engineers.  He has also served on the Planning Committee of the MIT NorCal Cleantech Series at the Palo Alto Research Center.  He earned an ALB from Harvard University, studied at London School of Economics, and served on the Alumni Board of the UWC-USA.  

Based in the Santa Rosa, CA area (“the Palo Alto of extraction tech”), he’s 42 and has two precocious children named Eliot and Jack.  He supports MAPS and Botanical Dimensions, a library in Occidental, CA focused on ethnobotany and ethnomycology.

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