Welcome ACE Spinner customers! We changed our name. Learn Why here.

Curian 360

Customers pushed us to create a high-value monthly subscription that includes EVERYTHING. We accepted the challenge. We're ready to beta.

Scale Your Lab, Subscription Style

Everything you need to maximize lab profits and reduce risk, all for a monthly rate.

Sensors, IoT and Remote Monitoring for Crude, Distillate and Isolate Production

Sensors, IoT and Remote Monitoring for Crude, Distillate and Isolate Production

Simple, Intuitive Interface to Help you Manage Compliance Risk and Maximize Yield

Simple, Intuitive Interface to Help you Manage Compliance Risk and Maximize Yield

In-Line Analytics and Actionable Data

In-Line Analytics and Actionable Data

Focused on OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Brilliant hardware, software and sensors that optimize your process.

Engineered for Simplicity

We save you money by eliminating the bells and whistles that don't help your bottom line.

No Monkey Business

We've purchased equipment for and successfully set-up 50+ labs.

Analytics & Data

Gain a competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and improving results.

Remote Automation

Decrease labor costs, downtime, and mistakes with improved visibility from anywhere with WiFi.

Peace of Mind

Integrated hardware and software. Installation, training, and consumables management. We've got you covered.

Keep more of your equity and your freedom.

Yeah, you could raise a bunch of money to buy all that equipment upfront and try to MacGyver together a lab. Isn't that a little primitive? Curian-360 is more affordable, reliable and infinitely more scalable.

Software and IoT

Manage the risks to your license (compliance) and maximize uptime.

Hardware & Installation

Best-of-breed equipment for the full lab, correctly installed with a smile.

Process Flows & SOPs

The data-driven way to structure your work flow and the vetted standard operating procedures for everything.

Deep Science

This industry is evolving fast. Stay on the bleeding edge by enlisting us to your team.

Product Specs

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In-Line Analytics and Actionable Data

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We're actively interviewing clients for our beta program.

Beta doesn't mean unrefined. It means next-generation. The beta program is about accessing tech before anyone else and inventing the future with us before we do a big launch. Get in touch and we’ll send you details. We’ll also send you a free white paper on EtOH extraction.

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Why We Started Curian

We started Curian for our friends so they wouldn't have to worry about an expensive learning curve in a whirlwind of bad advice, cutthroats, and con artists. Now they can dive into the hyper-competitive shark tank of hemp processing with state-of-the-art hardware and software, industry expert backing, and platinum-level service.

Dillon Boscia

Chief Science Officer + AKA Photon_Noir