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ACE40 Centrifuge

The industry's smartest, most powerful extraction tool. Process over 100 lbs per hour. Spins up to 1800 RPM. Built to last.

Rigorous Testing & Accurate Data

Our claims are backed by real, scientific research. We undersell and overdeliver, so you can take our specs to the bank.

40 lbs per 15-20 minute run

40 lbs per 15-20 minute run

1,800 RPMs

1,800 RPMs

Smart, Safe and Compliant

Smart, Safe and Compliant

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Fanatical Customer Service

Every customer is a VIP. That’s why all ACE40 Centrifuge orders come standard with the following.

Free Shipping

That’s right, no hidden fees buried in the shipping costs.


The intel you need to build your process flow, ensure compliance, and maximize yield.

On-Site Install

We show up in-person to ensure your system is installed correctly and your staff is trained.

Lab Consulting

This industry is evolving fast. Stay on the bleeding edge by enlisting us to your team.

Product Specs

Spins faster and recovers more solvent than any other system.

Spin-dry your biomass up to 1800 RPM. That's over 1200G. It's fast, powerful, and easily run with a single operator.

Increase the quality and quantity of your yield.

Maximum alcohol recovery and a jacketed vessel rated to -70 C produce a greater yield of cleaner product.

Smart, Safe and Compliant

Vibration Sensor, Remote Analytics, UL-listed components, Third Party Engineer Reviewed, Safety Interlock, Pneumatic Lid

ACE-40 System dimensions
55.25" L x 37.25" W x 36" H
Electrical requirements (starting and running)
1P, 208-240V, 30.8 A, L6-30 Plug
% Alcohol Removal
% Botanical Compound Removal
Biomass washed per run
Alcohol usage per run
30-35 pounds
Alcohol feed port with X size tri-clamp
X" tri-clamp angled drain
50-55 gallons
1.5" tri-clamp
Average Run Time
Alcohol Usage Per Run
3" tri-clamp
Variable Frequency Drive
Master Panel Dimensions
power panel: 24" tall × 20" wide × 10" deep; HMI: 12" wide × 10" tall × 6" deep; Brake resistor box: approximately 12" tall × 14" wide × 5" deep
-70C / 60C
0 - 1800
50-60 gallons (94.6 liters – 132.5 liters)
15-20 minutes

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Why We Started Curian

We started Curian for our friends so they wouldn't have to worry about an expensive learning curve in a whirlwind of bad advice, cutthroats, and con artists. Now they can dive into the hyper-competitive shark tank of hemp processing with state-of-the-art hardware and software, industry expert backing, and platinum-level service.

Dillon Boscia

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