We give craft manufacturers a competitive advantage against the multibillion-dollar players waiting to steamroll us out of existence. Our precision science levels the playing field.

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Curians are here to bring breakthrough technology to the pioneers who are defining the industry.

The industry continues growing exponentially. The winners will combine their love of the plant with deep science and competent partners, partners who help you answer the tough questions:

Nature intended humans to use the plant. The brain contains specific receptors.
How can we help you extract and isolate unique cannabinoids with minimal loss?
Shelf-stable and high-value, concentrates are taking over. This means more competition and less margin for error.
How can you future-proof your business to compete in the new era?
The extraction community has unique potential for collaboration and network effects.
How can you accelerate your learning to create a large business, fast?

At Curian, many of us have been working with the plant for decades. We've also spent lifetimes in Silicon Valley growing hard tech companies. You're about to scale Mt. Everest. Let us be your Sherpa.

Our Experience Runs Deep

We've Got Your Back

Building a lab requires interdisciplinary talent. From Chemical Process and Mechanical Engineers to IoT Programmers and Financial Analysts, you're covered. Think of us an extension of your team. We work behind the scenes, so you can make decisions with confidence.

Building a Lab Should be Fun

Licensing might be tough, but building your lab should be fun. Seriously. It doesn't have to be a headache. That's why we include on-site installation and training with every sale. Some companies might sell you hardware and wish you luck. Curian is different. We orient around outcomes. We ensure you're up and running and are always a phone call away.

We Love Our Customers

Fanatical customer service is in our DNA - just ask @photon_noir and @cyclopath. Our scientists have been helping people like you grow labs for over 25 years.

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Our Team

Bill True

Bill True


E-vapor aerosol and e-liquid pioneer with deep M&A experience. AI-powered subscriptions.

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Dillon Boscia

Dillon Boscia


AKA @photon_noir - Peers call him "The Wizard's Wizard". Dillon is the leading voice in botanical extraction.

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Martin Reed

Martin Reed


Helps clients make it rain. Launched and sold an eCommerce company before retreating to the Emerald Triangle to grow grapes and more.

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Sarah Michael

Sarah Michael


Former CEO of a SaaS company offering tools to lobbyists, she's a former college diver and a student of AI, IoT and blockchain.

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Our Spirit

Project Green Buffalo is about creating a  standard for botanical extraction.

Could we create ethanol from spent biomass? Is it possible to turn concentrates manufacturing into a Net Zero Energy (NZE) process? What do 'cradle-to-cradle' design principles teach us about making hardware? How can software reduce waste and increase profits? Project Green Buffalo is the future of sustainability engineering. Learn with the Curian community.

Our Beliefs

Entrepreneurs shouldn't have to sell 30% of their companies in preferred equity to investors in order to buy hardware.
Hardware is only part of the success equation. Intelligent sensors, software, training, and maintenance is critical.
Hardware obsolescence is an extinction-level event. You need access to the new tools to stay relevant and prosper.
This community has guts and integrity. We're here to serve.
Rigor from the tobacco, pharmaceutical and chemical industries helps you compete.
We've reached the limits of hardware alone and software alone. Full stack companies will power the future.

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