Scale your extraction lab without breaking the bank, or your brain.

Industry-leading ethanol extraction labs that help you manage your risks and maximize your profits.

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Say Goodbye to Bro Science

This is hard. You need an ally. Our extraction hardware and software is based on decades of experience.

Peace of Mind

Integrated hardware and software. Installation, training, and consumables management. We've got you covered.

Engineered for Simplicity

We save you money by eliminating the bells and whistles that don't help your bottom line.

No Monkey Business

We've purchased equipment for and successfully set-up 50+ labs.

Products that just work

We've been in the industry since the beginning, helping pioneers like you grow and maintain your labs. Our products are built for efficiency, durability, and profit.

ACE40 Centrifuge

ACE40 Centrifuge

High Flow - 1,000+ lbs / shift

The industry's smartest, most powerful extraction tool. Process over 100 lbs per hour. Spins up to 1800 RPM. Built to last.

  • Guaranteed outcomes
  • Fully compliant
  • Unparalleled support
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Curian 360

Curian 360

Subscription-Based Lab-in-a-Box

Customers pushed us to create a high-value monthly subscription that includes EVERYTHING. We accepted the challenge. We're ready to beta.

  • Software, IoT, & Intelligence
  • Hardware, SOP's & Install
  • Process Flows & Training
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Why We Started Curian

We started Curian for our friends so they wouldn't have to worry about an expensive learning curve in a whirlwind of bad advice, cutthroats, and con artists. Now they can dive into the hyper-competitive shark tank of hemp processing with state-of-the-art hardware and software, industry expert backing, and platinum-level service.

Dillon Boscia

Chief Science Officer + AKA Photon_Noir

Ready to leverage our 25 years of extraction lab experience?

No Ph.D.?  No problem

Let us handle the hard science. No need for a degree in mechanical or chemical engineering. You've got more important things to focus on.

We've done all the legwork

We remove the guesswork by curating and developing industry- defining hardware,  software, and lab management processes.

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Meet Your All-Star Extended Team

Your dreams are our dreams. Partner with us to ensure you're successful from day one.

Bill True

Bill True


E-vapor aerosol and e-liquid pioneer with deep M&A experience. AI-powered subscriptions.

Dillon Boscia

Dillon Boscia


AKA @photon_noir - Peers call him "The Wizard's Wizard". Dillon is the leading voice in botanical extraction.

Martin Reed

Martin Reed


Helps clients make it rain. Launched and sold an eCommerce company before retreating to the Emerald Triangle to grow grapes and more.

Sarah Michael

Sarah Michael


Former CEO of a SaaS company offering tools to lobbyists, she's a former college diver and a student of AI, IoT and blockchain.

From the Blog

Considerations for an Ethanol Extraction Lab

Considerations for an Ethanol Extraction Lab

This is the foundational white paper for entrepreneurs evaluating their options for manufacturing concentrates. It’s been read by over 7,500 professional extractors, including by the industry heavyweights in the U.S. and Canada.

Intermolecular Forces & Solvents:  May All The Right Force(s) Be With You

Intermolecular Forces & Solvents: May All The Right Force(s) Be With You

For both chemists and non-chemists, this whitepaper provides the framework for understanding the role of intermolecular forces and how they impact a solvent’s ability to selectively extract some plant chemicals and leave others behind.

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